Past Shows

Highlights of our 2016 Quilt Show

Barnswallow Challenge Winners

From left to right: 1st place – Cynthia Hiebert with Challenge co-chair Sue Nelson

2nd place – Christine Leadly (displayed by Challenge co-chair Edith Lovatt)

3rd place – Evelyn Hoeppner with co-chair Edith Lovatt.

President’s Challenge Quilts

From our President, Pearl Braun-Dyck:

Years ago I had purchased a pattern for the Quilter’s Jewel called “Star Soup” designed by Susan Loland for Black Eyed Susan Designs. I have always liked the design and in contemplating what challenge to give to the Barnswallow Quilters this year, that pattern came to mind. I contacted Susan about this project and she was VERY gracious in donating all the patterns for every participant with the request, “please have them send me a photo of their quilt when it is completed.” Several members have already forwarded their photos to her and she has always graciously responded. 

The pattern incorporates a unique and very simple technique for constructing the star block and so instructions were to have fun making this quilt in any size they wanted. 

Following this show, the quilts will be distributed to various organizations in the area that are in need of them. 

Thank you to all Barnswallow quilters who have participated in the challenge this year.”



Favourite Quilts From Past Shows

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