Ice Dyeing Workshop Registration


Monday, August 29th, at 7:00 pm

Location: Nancy Penner’s shed (446 15th Street in Morden)
Instructor: Lenore Laverty
Call Pearl @ 829-3570 to register
Cost: $15.00

Supply List:

  • Fabric – 4 or 5 pieces of 100% NATURAL fabrics: Cotton (white or unbleached cotton, muslin, sheeting), Linen, Silk, Rayon or Hemp. Fabric may be cut into FQs, 1⁄2 yards or yaIMG_1729rds. Prewash your fabric to eliminate sizing.
  • Ice – Bring a bag of ice, or if you wish to make it yourself, make at least 22 trays. Bring the ice in a thermal bag if you have one.
  •  An old towel or blanket to wrap around your ice dyeing pail (5 gallon) to slow the melting process (optional)
  • You will be taking your pail of fabric, ice and dye home with you in order to wash the fabrics the next day. The pails have a handle, but no lid – so you will just want to be careful transporting it.
  • Wear old clothes or an apron. You might inadvertently get some dye on yourself, although the process is not especially messy!
  • When you are washing/rinsing your fabric at home the next day, be aware that the dye will still stain towels, washcloths etc. if they are splashed (or your hands or your plastic laundry tub). A splash on the wall will wash off with water. You might want to do the first couple of rinses outdoors – the dye does not seem to harm the lawn, trees or flowers! We will of course talk more about the rinsing at the workshop, it’s not that scary/messy, but I want you to know what you are getting into!

Lenore will supply dust masks, 2 pairs of latex gloves per person, pail for dyeing, dye, utensils, fabric pre-soak, and rags.

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