2016 Show Highlights

Have you ever noticed that many quilters are also avid gardeners? Could it be that both hobbies have elements that are similar? Both quilting and gardening involve working with colour, shape, and texture. Both require planning, time, and lots of patience. Often quilts, like gardens, can take off in a direction totally unanticipated, but end up as beautiful creations in spite of our careful planning.

Gardening and quilting both bring joy, not so much in the finished product but in the process of creating. It is often a bonus that the end product, be it a quilt or flower garden, provides others with much needed comfort and pleasure.

Whatever the connection, the Barnswallows Quilt Guild explored these themes in our 2016 quilt show, “A Patchwork Garden.”

The Barnswallows Quilt Guild membership now numbers over 65. The majority of the members are from the Pembina Valley region of Manitoba. This year marks the 27th year the Barnswallows have been meeting.  Our president, Pearl Braun-Dyck, challenged us to make baby quilts and receiving blankets for local charities. These projects were on display at the show.

This year’s quilt show ran from May 6th – 8th and had an inspiring display of quilts. As in the past, our guild displayed over 250 items. The quilts featured both the guild members’ creations as well as quilts from the general public.

And of course the show doesn’t just consist of quilt displays. Our guests had the privilege of meeting featured sister quilters Carol Burton and Daphne Andrew-Peers, viewing the results of last year’s challenge kits, purchasing a challenge kit for next year, and participating in the ever popular rainbow auction. Once again, the auction raised $5,000 for local charities.  There was also plenty of shopping enjoyment at the merchant mall featuring quilt shops, crafters, and our own craft boutique.

Feature quilters and sisters Carol Burton & Daphne Andrew-Peers


 President’s Challenge: Star Soup baby quilts

Barnswallow President Pearl Braun-Dyck challenged our guild to make Star Soup baby quilts using Susan Leland’s pattern. Susan generously donated the patterns for our use. These quilts will be given to new babies through various charities in the Pembina Valley.



Star Soup baby quilts for charity

Annual Rainbow Auction

The beautiful quilt on the left was made by the Barnswallow Quilters and quilted by Katie Friesen. The lucky winner was Sherly Lyne.

Our other auction winners included Carol Burton, Florence Kroeker, Kim Fieber, Belinda Shardal, Cassandra Morrow, Lawrence Romanchuck, Mar Snyder, Wanda Long, Tannis Podden, Tanya Wainio, Nina Swazi, Francoise Cahill, Jan Miller, Cheryl Schick, Anne Penner, Pat Burak, Lilly Wiebe, and Fran Hoeppner. Congratulations to all of our lucky winners, and a special thank you to all of our donors.

Nan’s Hexie Challenge

One of our members, Nancy Fieber, absolutely loves working with hexagons.  She encouraged our members to embrace her passion and make a project of their own. Here are a few highlights.

Annual Barnswallow Challenge Kit

The 2015 Barnswallow challenge kit was inspired by Sally Unrau, one of our beloved members, who passed away in February 2015.

The winners of the challenge were: Cynthia Hiebert (1st place), Christine Leadley (2nd place), and Evelyn Hoeppner (3rd place).

Quilts from Barnswallow Classes

Over the past year we had the privilege of taking an excellent precision piecing class from Wanda Steiner. Some of the samples are displayed on the left in the picture below.



In addition to our usual quilting and crafting projects  a whole bevy of our members created gardens with wool and gorgeous embroidery stitches,  a new and exciting take on a heritage craft that many members embraced with enthusiasm after a fall 2015 workshop conducted by Sharon Schmidt.