2017 President’s Challenge

From the desk of our President, Ms. Pearl:

Over the past three years, many of you have accepted my President’s Challenge and we have given away so many quilts to children who would otherwise never have a received a quilt in their life. To all of you who have participated, THANKS SO VERY MUCH.

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-4-07-55-pmAnd so I offer one last President’s Challenge for the 2017 quilt show. Once again I’d like to challenge you to make a baby quilt – a small size – perhaps 40″ x 46″. Baby quilts are easy to make and I think one subject matter that most children like is teddy bears. And so my challenge is this: the quilt top can be of any design as long as there is a teddy bear featured on top – appliqué, pieced, or embroidered. Aside from that, the quilt needs to be sandwiched together and then quilted, tied, stitched…whatever you like…and have a double folded binding all around. (Note: Teddy bear eyes and other embellishments should not be buttons or any other objects that could be swallowed or removed.)

We will display these quilts at our show on May 5 – 7, 2017. After the show, all the baby quilts will be distributed to various organizations in the area that are in need of them. You can make one, you can make two, or as many as you wish. This may be a fun time involving a grandchildren, youth, or friend. Start them on the wonderful journey of quilting! And most of all, HAVE FUN!!!


Good luck! I look forward to seeing all the quilts at our show.



Here are some pictures of the beautiful quilts our members created for our past President’s Challenges. A big thank you to our members for their enthusiastic participation!


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